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2019 – 2021


AFC’s Trans-Identifying Townhouse Capital Campaign

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In 2019, Jase Cannon brought onboard real estate powerhouses Fredrik Eklund and John Gomes to collaborate with the Ali Forney Center (AFC). Their shared mission was to infuse hope, craft new sanctuaries, and extend our reach, all with the heartfelt intention of creating safe, welcoming homes for our queer and trans homeless youth.

Amidst the challenging landscape of 2020, still gripped by a global pandemic, their relentless real estate quest garnered dual victories. Not only did they carve out a pivotal spot in a prominent real estate TV show, but their collective labor bore fruit when they found the perfect townhouse. Six months later, after vigorous negotiations and tireless efforts, they secured a lease-to-own agreement with the property owner.

As the spring of 2021 dawned, they initiated an ambitious capital campaign to acquire outright ownership of the townhouse, finance essential renovations, and ensure its transformation into a welcoming refuge for our trans-identifying youth. Simultaneously, they brokered an exceptional opportunity to feature AFC’s house search in the TV series, Million Dollar Listing NYC.

This multi-year endeavor was deeply rooted in community engagement, with the prime focus of providing our trans-identifying youth a sanctuary to call home.


Working indefatigably, Jase Cannon, along with the Eklund & Gomes Team, maintained a determined pursuit of the ideal townhouse for AFC. Despite the complications posed by the pandemic, their resolve held firm. Fredrik Eklund and Jase Cannon secured a golden opportunity for AFC to gain international exposure through Fredrik’s popular real estate TV show, “Million Dollar Listing NYC”. This venture served as a beacon, broadcasting the critical need to provide a home for our invaluable LGBTQIA+ homeless youth on a global stage. During the filming, they discovered the perfect townhouse for our trans-identifying youth. Through relentless negotiation and unparalleled dedication, the Eklund & Gomes Team successfully forged a lease-to-own agreement with the seller.

In Spring 2021, with the lease secured, Jase Cannon assumed the mantle of creative director for this capital fundraising campaign. She orchestrated a symphony of strategic assets, masterminding a brand identity for the campaign, executive producing a captivating campaign video, and crafting a persuasive investor deck.

Harnessing the power of collaboration, Jase Cannon brokered a pivotal partnership with Madonna for the campaign’s inaugural fundraiser. This alliance not only amplified AFC’s global visibility through widespread press coverage and a takeover of Times Square, but also generated over $50k, marking the first substantial donation towards our campaign.

Throughout the summer of 2021, Jase Cannon, along with AFC’s new development director and a consulting agency, jointly spearheaded the capital campaign. From executive producing fundraising events to leading potent messaging campaigns and securing a full funding of $6 million, this collective effort culminated in the successful completion of the capital campaign in December 2022, having raised over $6 million.

Successful executive producing fundraising events and potent messaging campaigns lead to securing a full funding of $6 million.


This multi-year endeavor was deeply rooted in community engagement, with the prime focus of providing our trans-identifying youth a sanctuary to call home. What began as Jase Cannon’s humble initiative to build more safe havens for our LGBTQIA+ homeless youth blossomed into a collective movement, raising over $6 million. These funds have not only enabled AFC to fully own the townhouse and perform the necessary renovations to meet building code regulations but have also ensured the provision of essential services for the next decade. 

This campaign’s monumental success assures us that countless young individuals will find a home in this townhouse, marking one of the most impactful achievements of our organization.


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